The electric guitar technique workout - second edition

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After the success of the Electric Guitar Technique Workout, I started working on a second edition to enrich the literally
endless practice material, rearrange a couple of sections and add even more to it.The outcome? A book that has
everything you need to build your electric guitar technique. Time to go to the next level and be the best you can be.
Inside its pages you will find exercises and sequences for Alternate Picking (54 Alternate picking sequences & examples),
Sweep Picking (27 Sweep patterns & examples) and Legato (27 Legato patterns & examples). At the end of each chapter
you will find tips to help you improve your studying, while at the end of the book you will find 30 killer Licks,that utilize
Alternate, Sweep, Legato, Tapping and Hybrid picking, which you can use in your solos.These licks are an example of how
the techniques can be used in a musical context and hopefully they will give you a starting point for your own lines. Moreover, throughout the book you’ll find fretboard diagrams that illustrate horizontal & diagonal connections for scales
and modes, so that you will be able to apply all the patterns you’ll learn throughout the book and CREATE YOUR OWN FANTASTIC LICKS!!
All the above plus high resolution, close up photos of hands and body, to assure correct posture when practicing, are
included in an 80 page, high definition PDF waiting for you to download. For the book lovers, a hard copy version of the
book is also available for purchase. Note that the presented material is for all levels, from beginners to pros...
But..Not only that! All the material covered in the book is also available in Guitar Pro format for the Guitar Pro fanatics!
Don’t limit yourself! Waste no more time searching the internet for patterns and licks from your favorite guitarists!
Everything you need is gathered in this book! There’s no reason to wait!

Yiannis Papadopoulos

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The electric guitar technique workout

electric guitar technique workout


The Electric Guitar Technique Workout is the title of my first book. After years of preparation it’s finally ready! The purpose behind this book is to sum up my knowledge and perspective regarding teaching technique for electric guitar. As you will see, it is divided into 4 parts.

1. Alternate picking, 2. Sweep picking, 3.Legato, 4. Licks

Each one of the first 3 chapters analyze one specific technique. There, you will find some of the most popular scale sequences and patterns along with a few favorites of my own. The last chapter includes licks that combine the majority of the material that is covered in the first three chapters. So, this last chapter can be basically a guide on how to combine various patterns.

Now, how to use this book? First, work on each pattern with a metronome. Try and play it clean and accurately. Then employ your scales and make licks, linear, vertical and diagonal. Use one pattern at first and then try to combine different ones. As mentioned above, you’ll find examples at the licks chapter.

This is my way of teaching technique all levels of students since 2002, and I’ve seen it work for beginners to pros. Inside you will find:

-35 Alternate picking sequences

-21 Sweep patters

-15 Legato patterns

26 Licks that use Alternate, Sweep, Legato, Tapping and Hybrid picking.

The material is more than enough to help you enhance your technique or even build it from scratch. I am studying exclusively this material till now, always making new variations and use them in my solos. This book has so much inside, and trust me, it will keep you occupied for many, many years.

Yiannis Papadopoulos

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