I work as a session musician, covering multiple genres recording both rhythm and solo parts. I read music sheets and I can also orchestrate your music ideas and songs. If you want me to participate in any of your projects, please send me details via the contact section of the site.


-Normally you can send me a tempo track via midi file.
-I will need 2 stereo exports for each of your songs (export from zero) in MP3 format in high quality.

a) One stereo track containing having only the rhythm section-drums/ percussion/ bass.
b) One stereo track for everything else.

-I record using Cubase, usually in 24Bit 48000Hz format. If you want something else please specify.
-If you want me to use specific Chord shapes or scales or if you have stylistic references for your material please specify.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can work without the following, I can learn the song by ear and do anything by myself from scratch, but all the above can help me get my playing closer to what you ears want to hear from me.

If you require previews of my work on your material before I deliver my final recordings, I can provide them, but please specify so, on our original agreement.

Also, if there is a time limit, be sure to let me know.

I can send you my takes with clean tone (DI) in case you want to reamp and or I can send you my amped sound using microphones, cabinets etc.


Pricing depends on the amount of work that needs to be done –i.e. write a solo in a song or orchestrate guitar parts for a whole song. It also depends on the complexity of the material and the amount of songs that I have to record-there will be better pricing if we are talking about many songs instead of just one or two.

For exact pricing I would like an MP3 of the song/s to estimate the amount of work that needs to be done, but here is a sample pricing just to give you an idea:

-500 per song if it requires Rhythm and solo.
-250 per song if it requires just a solo.

I would require a 50% down payment in order to start working. I accept PayPal, Western Union money transfers and Bank transfers. If there are transaction fees, they are covered by you.

NOTE: If you need me to record more than one song there will be a discount in the total amount!


With my recordings I give you the Recording loyalties, which are yours as my takes are delivered.

The Performing loyalties belong to me, and I require the respective credits to be given.

For any questions or for booking, CLICK HERE.

I'll be glad to work with you on your project.


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